FC Barcelona is on the way to transform their club to a team with new players and started selling players above age 30.Luis Suarez,Ivan Rakitic,Jordi Alba, Samuel Umititi, Arturo Vidal are among the list.Koeman is an urgent man since his arrival picking players from various teams.His preference goes to Van de beek of Ajax,Wijnaldum Of Liverpool,Lauturo Martinez of Inter so on.

His immediate actions caused problems inside the team and many of them dont want to leave the club.He ignoring it as players individual preferences.Champions league losses from past years since the last victory now became predictable with recent loss against Bayern.Barca board at any cost ensure Messi staying at the club.There is no Iniesta nor Xavi anymore here you have to create their talents in yourself to continue the exploits these legends showcased

Wait for the new season to see whether they have future or will remembered in history as a team like AC Milan for it’s glorious past of winning 7 Champions league.