Messi yesterday blasted out to his club management by revealing a transfer, possibly Premier League. The barrier standing between him and the club is complicated regarding his release clause and expired transfer date.It looks like the management is not ready to give up on Messi.Spanish football assciation is sure that La Liga will be affected financially if messi moves to another league.Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure was a heavy blow for the Spanish League which negatively impacted (termination of telecasting league matches in many countries like strong hold such as India)the Spanish football.
Club president Joseph Mario Bartomeu expected to resign due to recent tensions.Reports are being heard he will continue for the rest of the year.Quarter final defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League match triggered the emergency arisal of the selling of older players, appointment of Ronald Koeman and now Messi’s request to tje the club of a free transfer.Former Barcelona captain mentioned his support to messi via Twitter. Catalunya president “Quim Torra i Pla”posted in his Twitter page

“Catalonia will always be your home.Thank you so much for all this time of happiness and extraordinary football.We have been lucky enough to share afew years of our life with the best player in the world. And a noble athlete we will never forget you. Leo Messi, St george’s cross”


The rumours were everywhere once the news went out public concerbing his future.Premier leagur clubs are among the most competing list.Considering messi’s Close connection with Pep Guardiola the destination maybe Manchester city.News agencies from different corner revealed messi contacted guardiola but not sure about it’s authenticity.

FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi has a strong bond of 20 long years, so no one can confirm his barcelona ending unless he announce it in a press conference coming days.

PSG coach when asked about messi quitting Barcelona, would you lime to welcome him to France.His reply was a smile. When asked further about it he explained no team will say no to messi.

All of it says PSG is also among the contenders to sign Leo.Chesea owner Roman Abrahamovich said that he is able to sign messi we have the fund but right now we are busy with other signings.Manchester United are another club wanted to sign messi.

But Messi doesn’t even gave a clue about the club he would like to move on.