Messi Barca crisis created tensions around the world amid COVID19 pandemic.Barcelona fans surrounded the office building, protesting against the management. They are too asking for Bartomeu’s resignation.The world around us are expecting his decision.

Social media platforms are flooded with posts and tweets.Twitter alone saw a massive number of tweets related Lionel Messi.The actual number of tweets are believed to be over 10 millions within 12 hours.

Also google’s real time trending platform also topped by his searcher’s.Messi wearing jersey’s of different club’s are still circling in internet.For media it is a bumber lottery to take advantage where the business was dull.

Rumours, expectations, emotions were expressed by loyal football fans to former players.But there was any press conference from either Messi or Barcelona on this topic other than some repeated same news.But Twitter, Instagram,Whatsapp,Facebook, Google were all thankful to Messi for providing a hot topic after a while.

The fact is that the ongoing routine will further fuels more when he speak out his decision.