Yesterday evening at wembley stadium saw Arsenal lifting their 16th Community Shield trophy under their former player and now coach Mikel Arteta.This victory ensures the Premier League dominance for Arsenal in the coming season.Two titles within a month is not a small achievement for a team who plays in a league like EPL.

Arteta was an Arsenal player who captained the team to Community Shield also became a winner this time under a new role, the managerial.For five years he was an influential part of the club.The club doesn’t have big names to their list like other major teams in Premier League but you can count Aubemayang, David Luiz, newly signed Willian.Many more names will be heard from stances soon when the team going to shine.

The team was only famous among fans for more than a decade for its old prime days when the legaendary Arsene Wenger wored the managerial suit.Seventeen trophies won under him was magnificent but they won the last league title in the 2003-04 season, its been sixteen years. Now Arteta for his team aiming to bring back the glory that the team left in 2004.

It’s actually too much for a coach like Arteta to clinch back to back titles within a time span of four weeks.Only 38 years old still younger than many professional footballers playing europe’s top league’s, for example Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is 39 playing for AC Milan steady and fit.This man the spaniard also fit enough to lead a team by teaching his students.A new chapter for a player to follow his passion for football after retirement.