The future of La liga doesn’t look so bright after recent Messi Barcelona conflict. Not only Barcelona is worried about messi quitting the team.Spanish football association has been in the forefront to stop messi from joining possible Manchester city. The same quotes repeated by La liga behind barcelona evidently showing the nature of this conflict.La liga was the most decorated league in the world in terms of the prestigious titles they were won in the past two decades.

Since former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronlado picked Juventus two years ago affected the club as well as league both financially and the standard of performance.Last two seasons real lost their Champions League campaign in quarter final and pre quarter respectively.Even the fans around the world was not able access the matches of their favourites because of termination of boadcasting since Ronaldo’s departure.

Neymar went to PSG, Ronaldo to Juventus and now messi probably to city.This tragedy Started slowly now is in its worst scenario.So far concerned the fans aren’t happy about messi’s choice. They can’t imagine barcelona without its talisman.The Covid protocol that in effect round the world won’t matters to them,protests across the catalonia is been heating up.Youngster’s with below ten are being appeared infront of clyb offices waiting for messi to turn up.look how serious this has become within a few days.The catalan president himself spoke his concerns regrading his decision.

Global fanbase that appeared around the football world will surely come to an end because many of them pick the teams only to see their superstars playing, Sports broadcasting is no different.In the case of Cristiano was an example for how an individual can make a huge difference.