Mohammed Salah once again kept his usual first match heroics in Premier League as Liverpool whack Leeds United who played their first Premier League game in sixteen years.A match that played under COVID restrictions without any spectators. A total of seven goals scored by two teams made the match week 1 a thrilling start.

The match moved like it going to be a draw each team scoring three goals each. It was on the 88th minute Leeds player Rodrigo attempted a defend against Fabinho which turned into the second penalty of the match for Liverpool and also for Salah.He converted the second one in his usual fashion,lightning shot gave no chance for the Leeds goalkeeper.

It was the fourth successive season match week 1 goal for the Egyptian.A new club record now was written under his name.The toughness that created throughout the match by the newcomers was outstanding.Scoring three goals to catch with reds is not that easy for a team like Leeds.

The football world was all focused on Marccelo Bielsa the managerial maestro of Leeds who brought them to Premier league.The 65-year-old Argentine still producing highest quality players is truly appreciable.It is evident for those who watched their match that they are capable of beating any team.